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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 18, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> we have a couple of showers to talk about today and even a few rumbles of thunderstorms possible. we'll start you out by looking at the satellite and radar picture. and then, you can see one straight shower just to the south and west. for the most part, rain will come in this afternoon and linger into the morning hours. on wednesday, looking for sunnier, warmer conditions by the end of the week and into the weekend. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. right now, it's time for traffic. here's amanda. >> thank you, jackie. so far, we're doing great on the major roadways in and out of the city. accident free reports from state and local. we're just going to take a look at your regular commutes. we'll start out in virginia, looking good from stafford to freder
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fredericksburg. we have slight patches of yellow. no big problems or delays. as i said, a lot of construction projects wrapped up earlier this morning. 95 coming in from college park topped out through montgomery county, dlie delayed free at th time. moving smoothly as you come down from frederick to clarksburg. no accidents or lane closures to report through that stretch of highway. we'll have another update on your morning commute coming up. you can see 14th street bridge also running smoothly. for now, i'll send it back to brad and jimmy. >> if you're online, amanda is providing traffic updates on twitter. >> now, president obama will spend another day meeting with world leaders. the leaders of the world's major economic powers will issue a
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joint statement today. it comes a day after the president and vladmir putin have different positions on the issue, they both want to stop the violence. >> today, vice president, joe biden, will start the push for gun control. he'll speak on the administration's effort to reduce gun violence. on april 17th, there were no extended background checks. this is the first time president obama spoke out on the issue. >> women can train to be army rangers by 2015 and navy seals a year later. women and men have to meet the same physical and mental standards. leon panetta opened all jobs open to women.
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>> and, another milestone in the nearly 12-year war in afghanistan. the president says his country's armed forces are taking over the lead from security from the u.s. led nato coalition. this marks another turning point which will now move entirely into a supporting role. it opens the way for a full withdraw in 18 month. >> a flame will be lit to celebrate jfk's heritage. the flame will be taken to a memorial in ireland where his ancestors left for america. the nsa week. hear how president obama is defending the program and what the
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>> it's 4:37. in business news, chrysler and officials continue to stare each other down. >> are your tastebuds ready for watermelon oreos? mine are not. we're joined in new york with more. >> hello, brad and jummy. chrysler has until midnight to respond to requests of two million jeeps. chrysler says jeep grand cherokees and liberty suvs made over 15 model years are safe. we have details on how it helped government surveillance. it recrvved 13,000 requests from law enforcement agencies in the
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past six months. most were related to fraud, homicide and criminal investigations. to mark the unofficial start of summer, watermelon oreos are here. they feature is vanilla-flavored cookie and a jolly rancher type filling. the watermelon oreos are available at target for three bucks a pack. other limited ed digses have been hits with consumers. we have news times here that won't be fit much longer. live in new york, elizabeth bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> i donon' know about those oreos flavors. i think double stuffed is a walk on the wild side. >> i do like the m sied ones, though, with the vanilla on the outside and the chocolate on the other side.
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those are good. >> thank you, linda. >> well, it is 4:39. time to get a check rather on our forecast with jackie. >> good morning, guys. watermelon oreos does not sound appealing to me. dunk them in the milk and go with the original. 75 degrees is our temperature. speaking of milky, little bit of fog starting to develop. dew point, 70 degrees. oan oy a five-degree spread. it's going to be patchy and light. it's not something that i think is going to ip7act your commute. winds are strong enough to impact that. winds are south at 6-mile-per-hour. let's look at other temperatures. we have 68 degrees. temperatures. we have 68 degrees. 73 degrees in lexington park. our express forecast for today, looking for more cloaus and sunshine today. we do have a chance of showers and thundere do owers potential on and off. best opportunity and probability for that would be this afternoon
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with our high temperatures in the low to mid 80s. where is that sunshine? >> we'll have more details. right now, it's time for traffic. good morning, amanda. >> we're getting some reports of construction on the outer loop of the beltway right around van dorn. construction should affect that left lane as you come on the outer loop. that will be on the bottom side, so down near van dorn. you can see 270 running near the beltway. it's also running smoothly at this time. no delays coming into falses church on 66 eastbound. we do have a smooth route to college park in and out of the beltway as well. live shot through that same stretch of roadway. montgomery county shows that you are running smoothly. live traffic coming on the outer and in ser loop there. of course, you can always get more information once you get in
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your car on 103.5 fm. the traffic center is a couple feet away from me. i've been talking to rich all morning long. he says it's pretty quiet since the overnight construction activities have already wrapped up. >> it's 4:41 and 71 degrees outside. >> coming up, a family is asking the pk dlic to help solve a hit and run which killed a young mother. >> i have no answerews youonono. we just have questions. >> plus, what the's parents are
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>> welcome back. there are new developments in the nsa week. president obama is defending the spying programat we have the latest. >> the latest week of government secrets stun sed the economic summit in northern ireland. the british government was said to have spied on diplomats from all nations on their smartphones in 2009. he said the u.s. spied, too, listening in on calls by rwe jsia's presiden? in an interview overnight, president obama said the leaks must stop.
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>> these are for criminal investigation. >> and possible extradition. >> secret programs do not target every day americans insisting that some counter terrorist efforts mwe jt remain classifie. >> we couldn't have carried out the bin laden raid if it were on the front page of papers. >> many americans does approve of the programs as those who approve. one man is determined to r soeal the full extent of government spying. in an oan oine chat, he wrote, quote, the goverernent isnon' going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. his father made an emotional plea on fox news for his son to stand down. >> i jwe jt aees that you meas what you're going do and not release any more information. >> u in . officials are most
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concerned that snowden could defect to china with his secrets. in that oan oine chat, he said he's not a sk. contact with the chinese goverernen? >> parents in mcclain are brvng urged to be cautious after reports of a suspicion man walivehing and even following chion mren. in one case, a man was seen running toward two young girls playing near the dolly madison area. the man was seen trying to lure two girls into the langley somk. >> i have to watch them like a hawk. if i'm at the playground, i woterrt be sitting and looking my dione. >> police questioned a man, but it was determined he hadnon' committed a u >> authorities are investigating a deadly crash involving an ambulance. the ambulance was responding to a call when a car crossed into
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its path on route 4 in prince freder frederick. we're told she is in stable condition. >> a maryland family is pleading for help to find the people who hit and killed a young mother. the woman lost control of her car on the outer loop of the beltway. for some reason, she got out of her car and walked on to the highway where she was hit by two vehicles. eltwo one stopped to heeder, an one has taken responsibility. >> in terms of what happened, we jwe jt donon' know. we have no anilleerews you oow. we just have questions. >> jackson leaves behind an 18-year-old son who is now brvng raised by his grandparents. police have very little to go on in this case. the speed limit is brvng
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considered for lowering on north mead street, wilson boule aeliv and north sycamore street. the reason is because of heavier pedestrian traffic. people have m sied emotions abot going slower. >> here, it won't make much difference. >> you'll walk a lo? i notice a lot of cars speeding up and down. they don't notice pedestrians at all. the county will hold a public meeting. >> three beaches in anne arundel county are closed dity. to high bacteria levels. anyone who is coming in contact with the water should wash well in warm, soak. the cause behind the spike is unknown this morninpi >> stin49 and time to get a che on our weather. i'm not sure if it's going to be
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beach weather, jao iie. >> not so ew och. by the weekend, you'll be feeling like you want that. a5 degrees is our tep7erature. the dew pycnt is at 70. we have a southerly wind at 6-mile-peanihour. as we take a look at other tep7eratures across the region, you can see we have 68 at manassas. you can see we have 68 at manassas. your tep7erature, a little cooler at 66 degrees. we have a fair amount of moisture in the atmosphere. you might see a little haze or patchy fog. for the most part, we're dealing with patchy ees ies. you have a little area of low pressure that'sonoicking up e do owers and t3 fnderstore f in this tennessee river valley. that's going to be heading off to the east. at the same time, a cold front is approaching from the north. those things will increase our chances of showers and thunderstorms, especially this afternoon. today wouon m be a lit see more widespread than the isolated showers and storms that we had
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uthestelivehay.rms that we had as this front drops doona, we'l watch that area of low pressure track to the east. uthou couon m see this lingerin into your wednesday morning. here's your future cast. by this ff ternoong m we'll hav scattered showethi with a few embedded thunderstorms. by this evening, we'll see things dchr up a lit see ng this could linger into wednesday morning before this computer model brings us some sune do iny the end of the day on your wednesday. here's your forecasting detail for today, mos sey somoudy, showers could be likely at times. a few euthedded t3 fnderstore f, high of beloopeen 80 and 85 degrees. lingering into your wednesday morning, decreasing cloy, s the for the ff ternoon. a little cool tomorrow, 81 degrees. we'll watch the temperatures rise up as we head into the weekend. it will feel like beach weather for sure. that's your forecast for now. let's talk a look at the roads with amanda.
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>> so fahind so good. we're experiencing delay free conditions across the board. eltwo problems or delays to rep. we have some construction spots that are scheduled. one of those is gycng to be on the outer lo thus. on our graphics, we can see that things are moving extremely smooth to ma all the way from the wilson's bridge up to the american legiong m delay free conditiogo. 395 belloopay looks great. we do have some scheduled construction that could possibly slow you down a lit see ng that would have the left lane closed near van dorn street. 2sm, though, we sgoing moving v smoothly. lots of green coming in there. we can see on that le ore shot r mt ss. those live shots definitely correlate and marry together to e do ow we're ecreriencing dela free conditions moving along at a good clip. the inner loop will be running
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goingay from we j. those lanes have a little less activity. for now, i'll send it bs spk to brad and jummy. >> you can follow amanda for updates on twitter where you find that her handle is @gridloo igoona,ess. >> 71 degrees outside this morning. >> the duchess of cambridge is weeks away from her due date. some are estimating how
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>> welcome back at 4:55. the professional football writers of america are writing about the indianapolis colts' head c beach for overcoming adversity. >> he was hired, and then in september, he was diagnosed with sept mber, he was diagnosed with be took a leave of absence after coaching three games. he continued to comew onicate wh coaching three games. he continued to comew onicate wh bis playethi and assistants. the colts made the playoffs but lost to the ravens who went on to win the superbowl. >> former nfl star, chad johnson, is out of jail after t sol prizing for slapping his lawyer on the ke tt. johnson said the judge was the first person to get him to
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r1 soaluate his life. >> it's a blessing in disguise seriously. i'm putting my life on pause and taking time to thinweek nobody el has been able to do it, not even my parents. >> he has to participate in coots dunity service. now, to the royal pregnancy. >> love this story. >> kate middleton isnon' dity. until middle july. the royal baby will actually bo canting england's economy. >> the newborn is ecrected to pump $380 million in the british econodef. collectors are ecrected to fork over more than $200 million for royal baby themed china. the tpn indwe jtry is ecrected see a spike in the week
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surrounding the royal birth. >> it's 71 degrees outside. >> still ahead here on "good morning washington," if you're familiar with the web, youonono morni[ male announcer ] you're the new subway® $4 lunch is for everyone.
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i gogot my mom wrapped arod my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪ >> is we expect to learn more jout the pentagon's plan to extend roles in


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